Monday, April 12, 2010

And another finished project

I just cut this one off my Mirrix loom so I still need to knot the ends. It needs its 24 hour rest first though, to let the threads relax. This one feels much tighter than the other one and it varies by 1/4 centimeter in width from start to finish as it was buckling so much at first that I really spread the warps after a bit. It was so squished that it deformed the 18 epi spring. The first one was done at 14 epi and I like the hand of it better but I admit it feels a bit loose. Just a bit. I think I need a 16 epi spring, 2 actually. I am all ready to warp the loom for the next project, pending the spring decision and as I am ready to go I will probably go with something I have ready. I am short on patience and love to weave these beads on my Mirrix.

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