Monday, March 22, 2010

A finished object!

It is all woven, knotted and off the loom. This is my first loom-woven piece that did not all fall apart after I took it off the loom. Could it be that Claudia, at Mirrix looms, taught me correctly and now that I actually know how to do it, I will be OK? I love the feel of this piece, I would love to wear it. It feels heavy and cool, like reptilian skin. It was set at 14 epi and my new one was at 18 but it was too tight so I have been fiddling with the way the warps set in the spring. When I take it off, I am eager to see which one has a nicer feel. My prediction is the first one will have a better drape but that the second will be tighter, stiffer, more like a rug?

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