Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Night Jungle

Finally!  It is done!  My friend Dave Adams is building a frame for it so it can hang on the wall.  I LOVED hooking this rug.  Sure, I got stuck on it in a few places, and it took almost 18 years.  But hey, there was a family to love, triathlons to race, sweaters to knit, yarns to spin, bunnies to pet, and cookies to bake.
I dyed a lot of the wool for this rug, and Pam dyed some too.  It has cuts from 3s to 6s.  Torre cut a hole in it when he was small and it has a patch on the back that was hard to hook through, but it was like doing lots of different rugs. Years after he was done, the tiger's face got stained with red, I am still not sure how that happened. All I can think is that he took a bite out of the giraffe't butt!  He looks real enough, thanks to Pam!  I had to rehook that with a clean white face!
 There was not too much of any one thing so that the hooking constantly changed.  I LOVED hooking the greenery, and the giraffe.  I got stuck on the dark purple flowers on the lower right and on the elephant but it is done and I love it.  Thank you so much to my teacher, Pam Bartlett who helped me hook it. Without her it wouldn't be so awesome!  Where will I ever find a rug this interesting to hook for my next project!?  This one was designed by Bev Conway.  I sure hope she has something new for me to do!  She is in Middlebury, VT!  Small world!

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