Monday, April 19, 2010

Bead Weaving Withdrawal

In planning my next bead weaving project, and talking to Claudia at Mirrix looms, I realized that I needed a bigger loom. My ideas were getting bigger than 9 inches, I needed more dents than I could get in a 16 or 18 dent spring. And lo and behold, I actually do own a 22 inch Mirrix loom, but it had a tapestry in process on the loom. I am too cheap to cut it off, and I like it, but I want to weave beads right now. I moped around the house for a few days, but with no beads running through my hands, life seemed less shiny. Claudia told me that I could take off my tapestry and set it aside. I could put it back on the loom whenever I wanted. What a magical idea! Perfect. She gave me some ideas, and I mulled over the best way to do it for days. I also did a bit of tapestry weaving, thinking I could finish it up, but my heart wasn't in it. I ordered a bottom spring set and 2-16 dent springs for the 22 inch loom, and took off the tapestry. If I had thought it out better, I would've continued weaving the tapestry until the order came in, but my hands knew better than my head. Here are pictures of how I took it off. I took off the heddles and heddle bars, loosened the tension extremely on the loom and slid the whole thing off the side of the loom. Then I sat down and realized I had days before the package came, and I could not continue my life without bead weaving. I warped my 12 inch Mirrix and began a bracelet. I have never done a bracelet before. I am not fancy and do not go anywhere fancy. But weaving a bracelet is so fast, easy, fun and satisfying! I love my bracelet! I just got fancy!

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