Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Current Rug Hooking in process

Here is my celtic rug. All hand-dyed wool. Remind me how I hate burlap! I am stuck on the border. I have experimented with a few options, hate them both. Currently not hooking because the other rug, well, I need to dye more background and I cannot remember how I did it. I might have more of this already dyed, up in the attic, but I have to go through someone else's apartment to get it so that is less often than I would like. Also up in the attic, the blues for more of the scrolls. I remember the scrolls were troublesome. Looking at them now, years later, they don't look too scary. The cotton monk's cloth is nicer to hook on though. Burlap just doesn't stick to my frame well. I have been using little bungys and that helps. I would like to finish the celtic but the border is too small for outlining, I was thinking yarn for the celtic knot, but I have to find the recipe for the brass. If only I had some of the yarn left that I whipped the oriental with. It is the same color. Again...look in the attic. I cannot wait to have a room that I can get to, organized, with all my stuff. Walking in the unheated attic makes me feel so creative and inspired!

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